Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Internet Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL+T                                New tab
CTRL+SHIFT+T               Undo Close Tab
CTRL+W                               Close Tab
ALT+ ←                                  Back
ALT + →                                 Forward
HOME  key                           Goto Top of Page
END   key                               Goto Bottom of Page
CTRL+U                                 View Source
CTRL+L                                  Select Address Bar
CTRL+J                                  Open Downloads Window
CTRL+A                                 Select All
ALT+Enter                          Same as right-clicking and choosing properties
Win+M                                 Hide all Windows
Win+SHIFT+M                 Restore all windows to their previous state
CTRL+Enter                        Complete .COM Address

SHIFT+Enter                      Complete .NET Address
CTRL+SHIFT+Enter      Complete .ORG Address


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

SHIFT+ → or SHIFT+ ←       Select text
SHIFT+DEL                                    Cut
CTRL+INS                                       Copy
SHIFT+INS                                     Paste
Win+R                                             Run Dialog
ALT+Tab                                        Switch Between Open Programs
SHIFT+F10                                   Same as right-clicking on an item
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC                     Opens Task Manager
F2                                                     Rename a file
Win+M                                           minimize all
SHIFT+Win+M                           undo minimize all
Win+Pause                                   System Information
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC          Open Task Manager
Win+i                                   Open Settings
Win+K                                  Wifi connections
Win+L                                  Lock your PC or switch accounts
Win+ALT+PrtScr               Window screenshot save to pictures/screenshots
CTRL+SHIFT+N                 Create New Folder
Win+E                                  Opens My Computer
Win+R                                     Opens Run dialog box
Win+comma                         temporarily peek at desktop


Zoomtext Keyboard Shortcuts

ALT+numpad plus                  increase magnification
ALT+numpad minus             decrease magnification
CTRL+SHIFT+C                         Toggle invert brightness on/off
CTRL+SHIFT+U                         Opens Zoomtext Dialog.  ESC closes it

Windows Accessibility

Win+ENTER                         Open Narrator
Caps Lock+ESC                   Exit Narrator
Win+ “+” key                        Open Magnifier / increase magnification
Win+ “-” key                         decrease Magnification
CTRL+ALT+F                       Change Magnifier to full screen mode
CTRL+ALT+C                       Invert Colors
Win+ESC                                exit Magnifier

Complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows