back to unemployment

Well, after nearly 4 months of working for Towne Park,  Tom lost his job today.  At first, the job seemed really promising, with an average work week of 29-30 hrs a week, with the promise of Medical insurance benefits, but then as time went on, the hours kept getting cut little by little.  Tom’s not real sure why they let him go, he knows what they said, but at first they were excited about the idea of having me start as a Bell Hop for extra hours, so that way he could get in his 40 and keep his insurance,  but as soon as he signed up for insurance, thats when his hours started getting cut.   We didn’t like the fact he was working Sundays anyway. His boss wouldn’t let him have off for any Sunday mornings so we couldn’t attend church together, so in a way, we think this turned out for the best in God’s will, but its just a bad time to be loosing a job right now just before the holiday season

Angry Birds on Facebook

One of these days, we’d like to add these games to the site here, but in the meantime, you can play Angry Birds on facebook

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Star Wars

Both of us love playing Angry Birds. Our favorite games for the iphone / ipad are

Bubble MegaShift
300 Bowl
Pole Position

Both of us are always playing Bubble Megashift, while Tom likes 300 bowl, pole position, and Angry Birds Star Wars

job with Towne Park

Tom found a new job this week with a valet parking company called Towne Park, at the Marriott hotel downtown. They put him in the parking garage doing porter work, along with assisting guests with the parking garages parking meters and performing routine ticket jams and other maintenance routines on those parking machines.  We’re a little concerned about Tom taking this job because it requires him to be in the line of traffic all the time, which isn’t an ideal working environment for someone with a visual impairment like ours, but we’re hoping he gets moved to a job within the hotel as a bell hop something a bit more appropriate for someone with a visual impairment.  At least he’s working now, which is the important thing.   The job requires Tom to work days, evenings, or nights, which will be hard on our marriage,  but we’re hoping for the best

Internship at AccessABILITY

Tom started job placement, where he worked for 30 days at a local company called AccessABILITY.  His job title was a Social Media Professional.   This job mainly focused on doing research and posting articles related to disability news, to the company blog, and other social media avenues, such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, and various others.  Was the most enjoyable job Tom ever had, but the internship was unpaid,  and he didn’t get the job in the end, so he’s back out on the job hunting trail once again.

Bosma Graduation

Well, after 75 hours of training, Tom graduated from Bosma Enterprises!  Bosma is an employment rehabilitation center specializing in rehabilitating employees who have lost their sight later in life for various reasons.  They offer training in everything from independent living skills, braille, cooking, woodworking and household maintenance, and what they call Resistive Technology, or AT training.   After taking all the possible job placement options, Tom decided that AT should be his focus.  He’s considered going back to college for his AT degree, but financial assistance has been our primary concern since Tonya’s income is so high we don’t qualify for fafsa student aid, so if he does go back, he’ll have to go back on a deferred college loan.  For right now, Bosma recommends placing Tom into a data entry position. in hopes the employer has some sort of  college reimbursement program,  so we’ll see how the job market goes.

back from our honeymoon

We had a wonderful time at our honeymoon.  We spent the first 3 nights at the Hilton downtown Indianapolis.  The 2nd night, we took a taxi out to Beef and Boards, its a dinner theatre type place on the north side of town, where we had a nice fancy meal together, all you can eat, and the play we saw was the Wizard of Oz.  Then we went to homestead suites for a 4th night. They are a branch of the Marriott on 86th st.  Was a wedding present from Tonyas teachers assistant at work and her husband got an employee discount there.

We had a wonderful time!  but also, glad to be home in our new home together as husband and wife!


Welcome Mr and Mrs Tom and Tonya Coburn

wedding pictures: 06/23/2012

honeymoon photos coming soon. Enjoy!

Marriage License

Tonya and I went to apply for our marriage license today!  We weren’t sure how we were supposed to do it, and when, so I looked on the internet and found a how-to video on how to apply for a marriage license in marion county which was helpful. I had no idea we had to bring a state ID and birth certificate, but otherwise we could have applied up to the day before, glad we didn’t though, one less thing we have to do now before the wedding.   Counseling is going great, we decided to have me wear a tux and the other groomsman wear suits.  Tonya has already started redecorating the apartment, so its kind of a mess in here right now, but its coming along. 30 more days until the wedding day!  yaaaaay!

first day of pre-marital counseling

Keep us in your prayers, we have our first day of ore-marital counseling today.  The wedding plans are going well, we decided for the guys to wear tuxes and have each groomsman pay for their own.  Sounds like our families will be arguing about that, but the way we see it, its the brides families decision so my mom will just have to deal with it. Otherwise the plans are going well, we’ll be sending out our invitations sometime this month.  We’re getting excited

I’m back!

After nearly 4 years of downtime, my Cite is finally back up with a new look and name.  Since I left, I met a beautiful woman from Indianapolis and decided to move here. She lives about a mile from me now, but we’re getting married June 23rd which is coming up, so decided to combine my cite into a family Cite.  I did not spell Cite wrong, Tonya and I have the same initials TAC, so I thought it would be cute to say T&T’s Cite. Catchy eh?  lol I’ll be adding stuff to this Cite as ideas and time come to me.  We’ll both be posting articles here so you can read what is going on in both our lives.