job for Tom with hpe

We have some very exciting news.  After a rough 6 months of Tom being unemployed, he accepted a job at a company called Briljent, as a contractor for HP Enterprises in their Call Center department

He decided to accept this job because its centrally located downtown,  the pay is better then Xerox was, and wasn’t a commission pay job like some of the other Contact Center Sales jobs he looked at.

Tom had several other opportunities before deciding on Briljent.  Bluegreen Vacations, oo.shirts,  American Income Life, stericycle, and Navient all offered him positions, but it being centrally located & the opportunity to work for HP was the biggest selling point for Tom

He applied for the same position directly on HP’s website thru a listing posted on Indeed, but never heard back from them.   He also applied for the same position thru a different company called BCForward, but didn’t hear back from them either.  When Briljent called him, he didn’t know what to expect, but when he found out the position was with HP, he jumped on that job offer.  Tom has been a big HP computer fan for many years

The job entails taking incoming calls for Indiana State Medicaid in a Call Center environment.  He takes calls from Members and providers assisting them with their Traditional Medicaid needs.  We are very excited for Tom in this wonderful opportunity for our family.

Lost job for Tom

Some sad news for our family.  Tom lost his job at Xerox.

Tom received a call at 7am just after switching to the 7a-3:30pm shift from a lady wanting her insurance card mailed to her.
A typical call Tom usually gets, except this time she didn’t know if she had CareSource or Anthem or who she had.  Tom asked her for the routine HIPPA questions:  name, address, city, state, zip, telephone, all the usual questions required by HIPPA. He didn’t find her in the system, so at first he said well I’m sorry I can’t help you, but the lady began to cry not knowing who she had.  So first Tom thought well maybe we should try contacting the health insurance marketplace.  After marketplace verified HIPPA with her,  they stated she didn’t have an account with them, so they asked her if she was with Medicaid. She didn’t know she stated.   At the time Tom didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to contact medicaid. He can transfer members to medicaid, but can’t be on the phone while member is speaking to medicaid.  At the time Tom was glad he stayed on the line because Medicaid stated they didn’t have her in their system either.  If Tom had released the call, she would have called us right back, and since Xerox has a 1 call resolution policy, Tom thought he was doing the right thing by making calls around for her. Tom thought that was quite strange that they didn’t have her SSN on file, so after further talking to the member, got the idea maybe we should call Anthem.  Tom knew he couldn’t contact Anthem directly, so he put her on hold and made some calls around in an attempt to locate Anthem Customer Service, then conferenced her over to verify HIPPA with Anthem. Anthem said yes we can speak to her,  and Tom released the call at that point.

2 weeks later, Tom was called into the office by his new shift managers, stating the lady called caresource’s main headquarters to tell them what Tom had done. She stated she did this because she wanted Tom to be commended for a job well done for this Customer.  Caresource responded to that compliment call by asking Xerox to fire Tom on the spot, so Xerox had no choice but to comply with caresources wishes to keep their contract with CareSource.

In a way, we both think the issue was staged.   I mean, how could someone not know what insurance company they have?  The fact that she was with medcaid,  everyone should at least know rather they have medicaid or not.   You don’t just forget you applied for Medicaid, so to us we think that whole call was staged.

Tom has nothing against Xerox, after all it was his mistake, and Xerox and CareSource are great companies to work for,  but we just feel to be fired on the spot, without notice, escorted out of the building & treated like a criminal, was way out of line for an offense he didn’t know about. Its one thing to do something you know is wrong,  but for going above & beyond for a Customer, is just wrong.

So now Tom is at home applying for as many jobs as he can on indeed, linkedin, careerbuilder, and other job sites  to get re-employed for our family.  He’s applied for about 8-10 jobs per day, and has gone on several interviews, but nothing has come up yet. Please keep our family in your prayers as Tom continues hunting for work

New jobs in 2015

We are both excited about 2015.  Tonya starts a new job at the Indiana School for the Blind as one of their teachers, and I start a new job at Xerox as a Customer Care Attendant,  in the telephone Customer Service field.

This will mean 2 great things for our family.

1) Tom will finally get medical benefits to cover his prescription drugs, and also Tonya’s state job should come with better benefits then what she has, so regardless if Tom chooses to go on her insurance plan, or go with Xerox, he’ll be covered for medical and prescription drugs.  Walmart doesn’t have such benefits, and what they do offer is real expensive, so that is a major change for our family

2)  Tom’s pay will be 2x as much as it was with Walmart, which means we’ll finally be able to take care of ourselves now without having to lean on someone else for financial support. We’ve done good so far, but $7 an hour doesn’t go far, so we’re happy about that.

3)  A M-F job off weekends and holidays. Yeah Tom will have to be available to work between 7a-7p, but Monday thru Friday we don’t care when he works, having off weekends and holidays means we’ll finally be able to spend time together as a family again. Walmart had Tom working swing shifts 7 days a week, cutting into church and family time, but not anymore starting Dec 15th

Only bad thing is the Xerox job is  pretty far away from where we live, but both our jobs will be on the same side of town, which isn’t too bad. With the extra pay and benefits it’ll be worth it

New Walmart job

created 2/03/2014
Tom got a new job this week at Walmart as a cart pusher. Its only $7 an hour, but gets a good 40 hrs a week, which is a blessing for us right now. Cart pushing is only a part-time position but gets 40 hrs a week.  I know its confusing, but at walmart,  an associate can work an average 40 hrs a week and still only be considered part-time.  I know it doesn’t make sense to us either.

added 5-22-2014
Tom left McDonalds and was promoted from cart pusher at Walmart to the Lawn & Garden dept as their door greeter.  Same conditions as before, except Lawn & Garden is only a seasonal position, which seems more like a demotion to us.

added 7-22-2014
Tom is still door greeting in Lawn & Garden, but they have extended his duties to the front of the store as one of their main Door Greeters when Lawn & Garden closes for the evening, or whenever they need him.  Accepting this move made him an official  full-time associate door greeter eligible for benefits.  However we found out after making this move that walmart only has catastrophe coverage at best,  basically just money put into a savings account to reimburse you for medical costs, which to us is not real insurance, so now Tom is looking for another job elsewhere with a job coach in a Call Center field.

Pray for Tom as he figures out where God is leading him for a job that provides for the needs of the family

New Apartment

We successfully moved into a new apartment unit in the front of the complex that is much closer to public  transportation for us.  We feel like we’re living in royalty in this new place, pictures coming hopefully soon.  The unit is surprisingly 3x the size of our old place.  Has a walk-in closet,  2 bedrooms, 2 full  size bathrooms,  a nice size kitchen with plenty of cubbard and counter space, a washer dryer in the kitchen that is larger then our old stackable, and plenty of extra closets to put coats, towels, and all that other misc stuff in.  We’re really happy with it.

We’re planning on having our first house warming gettogether to show our friends sometime this summer

Magic 12 Screen Magnifier with Speech

Magic Screen Reader 12 Latest version links

MAGic 12.0.7002 updated January, 2014 fixed stability issues with Zoomtext and other screen readers. Do not install MAGic 12 that was released prior to February 2013 that came on DVD since there have been several bug fixes related to Zoomtext since then

I could not get MAGic versions prior to 12.0.3202 to work with any version of Windows, so if your having problems installing a Demo from a CD or USB thumb drive, try this version instead. I was getting BSOD and screen freezes running MAGic before this new update was released

Testing Jetpack Comments

Testing a new Commenting System here.  This will allow you to add comments here using your facebook or twitter accounts. I still have to touch up how the comments look, but its a work in progress

First Valentines Day

The T.A.C’s celebrated Valentines day Sunday evening since we have guests coming over on Valentines day, so we celebrated our day at Applebees in Speedway Shopping Center.  They were seen walking together holding hands first to Dollar General for some supplies, then to Applebees for a romantic dinner for two, then to Krogers on the way home. It was a very cold walk, but romantic out in the moonlight huddling together to stay warm. We then exchanged valentines. Tonya got a card and a box of chocolates, while Tom got two big Reeses cup hearts, and a sock monkey stuffed bear, both very nice gifts, but the best part of the evening, was just being together.

New Home!

The T.A.C’s received some great news today!!  Currently, we live in the back of our apartment complex, where we have to walk about a mile, mile 1/2,  to get to our trash compactor.  Its a real pain, we either have to walk it up there ourselves, or have someone drive us up there, just to take out our trash!  Then on top of that, the bus stop is up there, with nearest grocery being another mile across a major street, so we end up walking 2-3 miles just to get groceries, and back, so we were really happy to find out today that the apartment complex has a 2 bedroom unit available right in the front!  The new unit is right across from the trash compactor, all we’ll have to do is step out of our unit and dump it in!  Funny but we’re really excited about this!  Tonya is even more excited about the walk-in closet she is going to get! along with an extra bedroom and extra bathroom for guests to use.   We have to wait until March 1st when we sign our new lease for the year, and its another $200 a month more then we’re paying now, but with both of us combining our income now, we think we can swing it.  Just having to wait until March!  waaah!  hehe!

Happy New Year

T & T would like to wish everyone a happy new year!   With the start of a new year, we’re hoping this will be a great year for everyone.   Tom & Tonya have never been happier in our marriage.  This past year was an absolute dream for us!  Between Tom relocating to Indianapolis, to us getting married & moving in together,  its been an absolute dream for us, and we’re hoping 2013 will be another great year with better things to come!

Happy New Year everyone!