Lost job for Tom

Some sad news for our family.  Tom lost his job at Xerox.

Tom received a call at 7am just after switching to the 7a-3:30pm shift from a lady wanting her insurance card mailed to her.
A typical call Tom usually gets, except this time she didn’t know if she had CareSource or Anthem or who she had.  Tom asked her for the routine HIPPA questions:  name, address, city, state, zip, telephone, all the usual questions required by HIPPA. He didn’t find her in the system, so at first he said well I’m sorry I can’t help you, but the lady began to cry not knowing who she had.  So first Tom thought well maybe we should try contacting the health insurance marketplace.  After marketplace verified HIPPA with her,  they stated she didn’t have an account with them, so they asked her if she was with Medicaid. She didn’t know she stated.   At the time Tom didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to contact medicaid. He can transfer members to medicaid, but can’t be on the phone while member is speaking to medicaid.  At the time Tom was glad he stayed on the line because Medicaid stated they didn’t have her in their system either.  If Tom had released the call, she would have called us right back, and since Xerox has a 1 call resolution policy, Tom thought he was doing the right thing by making calls around for her. Tom thought that was quite strange that they didn’t have her SSN on file, so after further talking to the member, got the idea maybe we should call Anthem.  Tom knew he couldn’t contact Anthem directly, so he put her on hold and made some calls around in an attempt to locate Anthem Customer Service, then conferenced her over to verify HIPPA with Anthem. Anthem said yes we can speak to her,  and Tom released the call at that point.

2 weeks later, Tom was called into the office by his new shift managers, stating the lady called caresource’s main headquarters to tell them what Tom had done. She stated she did this because she wanted Tom to be commended for a job well done for this Customer.  Caresource responded to that compliment call by asking Xerox to fire Tom on the spot, so Xerox had no choice but to comply with caresources wishes to keep their contract with CareSource.

In a way, we both think the issue was staged.   I mean, how could someone not know what insurance company they have?  The fact that she was with medcaid,  everyone should at least know rather they have medicaid or not.   You don’t just forget you applied for Medicaid, so to us we think that whole call was staged.

Tom has nothing against Xerox, after all it was his mistake, and Xerox and CareSource are great companies to work for,  but we just feel to be fired on the spot, without notice, escorted out of the building & treated like a criminal, was way out of line for an offense he didn’t know about. Its one thing to do something you know is wrong,  but for going above & beyond for a Customer, is just wrong.

So now Tom is at home applying for as many jobs as he can on indeed, linkedin, careerbuilder, and other job sites  to get re-employed for our family.  He’s applied for about 8-10 jobs per day, and has gone on several interviews, but nothing has come up yet. Please keep our family in your prayers as Tom continues hunting for work

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