New jobs in 2015

We are both excited about 2015.  Tonya starts a new job at the Indiana School for the Blind as one of their teachers, and I start a new job at Xerox as a Customer Care Attendant,  in the telephone Customer Service field.

This will mean 2 great things for our family.

1) Tom will finally get medical benefits to cover his prescription drugs, and also Tonya’s state job should come with better benefits then what she has, so regardless if Tom chooses to go on her insurance plan, or go with Xerox, he’ll be covered for medical and prescription drugs.  Walmart doesn’t have such benefits, and what they do offer is real expensive, so that is a major change for our family

2)  Tom’s pay will be 2x as much as it was with Walmart, which means we’ll finally be able to take care of ourselves now without having to lean on someone else for financial support. We’ve done good so far, but $7 an hour doesn’t go far, so we’re happy about that.

3)  A M-F job off weekends and holidays. Yeah Tom will have to be available to work between 7a-7p, but Monday thru Friday we don’t care when he works, having off weekends and holidays means we’ll finally be able to spend time together as a family again. Walmart had Tom working swing shifts 7 days a week, cutting into church and family time, but not anymore starting Dec 15th

Only bad thing is the Xerox job is  pretty far away from where we live, but both our jobs will be on the same side of town, which isn’t too bad. With the extra pay and benefits it’ll be worth it

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