New Walmart job

created 2/03/2014
Tom got a new job this week at Walmart as a cart pusher. Its only $7 an hour, but gets a good 40 hrs a week, which is a blessing for us right now. Cart pushing is only a part-time position but gets 40 hrs a week.  I know its confusing, but at walmart,  an associate can work an average 40 hrs a week and still only be considered part-time.  I know it doesn’t make sense to us either.

added 5-22-2014
Tom left McDonalds and was promoted from cart pusher at Walmart to the Lawn & Garden dept as their door greeter.  Same conditions as before, except Lawn & Garden is only a seasonal position, which seems more like a demotion to us.

added 7-22-2014
Tom is still door greeting in Lawn & Garden, but they have extended his duties to the front of the store as one of their main Door Greeters when Lawn & Garden closes for the evening, or whenever they need him.  Accepting this move made him an official  full-time associate door greeter eligible for benefits.  However we found out after making this move that walmart only has catastrophe coverage at best,  basically just money put into a savings account to reimburse you for medical costs, which to us is not real insurance, so now Tom is looking for another job elsewhere with a job coach in a Call Center field.

Pray for Tom as he figures out where God is leading him for a job that provides for the needs of the family

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