New Home!

The T.A.C’s received some great news today!!  Currently, we live in the back of our apartment complex, where we have to walk about a mile, mile 1/2,  to get to our trash compactor.  Its a real pain, we either have to walk it up there ourselves, or have someone drive us up there, just to take out our trash!  Then on top of that, the bus stop is up there, with nearest grocery being another mile across a major street, so we end up walking 2-3 miles just to get groceries, and back, so we were really happy to find out today that the apartment complex has a 2 bedroom unit available right in the front!  The new unit is right across from the trash compactor, all we’ll have to do is step out of our unit and dump it in!  Funny but we’re really excited about this!  Tonya is even more excited about the walk-in closet she is going to get! along with an extra bedroom and extra bathroom for guests to use.   We have to wait until March 1st when we sign our new lease for the year, and its another $200 a month more then we’re paying now, but with both of us combining our income now, we think we can swing it.  Just having to wait until March!  waaah!  hehe!

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