back to unemployment

Well, after nearly 4 months of working for Towne Park,  Tom lost his job today.  At first, the job seemed really promising, with an average work week of 29-30 hrs a week, with the promise of Medical insurance benefits, but then as time went on, the hours kept getting cut little by little.  Tom’s not real sure why they let him go, he knows what they said, but at first they were excited about the idea of having me start as a Bell Hop for extra hours, so that way he could get in his 40 and keep his insurance,  but as soon as he signed up for insurance, thats when his hours started getting cut.   We didn’t like the fact he was working Sundays anyway. His boss wouldn’t let him have off for any Sunday mornings so we couldn’t attend church together, so in a way, we think this turned out for the best in God’s will, but its just a bad time to be loosing a job right now just before the holiday season

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