Bosma Graduation

Well, after 75 hours of training, Tom graduated from Bosma Enterprises!  Bosma is an employment rehabilitation center specializing in rehabilitating employees who have lost their sight later in life for various reasons.  They offer training in everything from independent living skills, braille, cooking, woodworking and household maintenance, and what they call Resistive Technology, or AT training.   After taking all the possible job placement options, Tom decided that AT should be his focus.  He’s considered going back to college for his AT degree, but financial assistance has been our primary concern since Tonya’s income is so high we don’t qualify for fafsa student aid, so if he does go back, he’ll have to go back on a deferred college loan.  For right now, Bosma recommends placing Tom into a data entry position. in hopes the employer has some sort of  college reimbursement program,  so we’ll see how the job market goes.

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